Boosted Starter Kit

2 Rings, 2 Bump Cards and a $50 Gift Card

A great package with great value! Two Bump Cards with the latest technology. Pair that with two Bump Rings or a winning team! Included with this Boosted Package is a bonus, a $50. gift card!

Do to the size of the antenna and chip in the ring vs the card, the ring has to be much closer to the phone’s antenna. Using a touching, rubbing or bumping action.
See video demonstration


Package Details

Bump Technology is catching on at a rapid pace. Don’t get left behind with an old paper business card. The Bump Card enables you to keep all your contact info in one interactive place.

Always have your contact info handy. Just imagine having your information with you at all times.

As an added bonus, we included a $50 gift card. One Bump Card alone is worth the total price, but this package includes a $50 gift card!